Plan Reviews

Accessible Solutions provides plan reviews and inspections as required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Our plan reviews include a complete review of new or remodel project drawings to ensure they comply with accessibility standards.

To request a plan review, we will need:

  • One complete set of plans, signed, sealed, and dated, for all disciplines.

The “signed, sealed, and dated” requirements apply only to submittals by registered design professionals as defined by state law. Plans must be submitted for review “not later than the 20th day after plans are issued for the purpose of construction.” The TDLR submission must also include the Proof of Submission Form, if applicable, (Form 042AB). We can assist with the completion of this form.

  • Payment in full for all requested services (registration/plan review/inspection). You may combine the fees in one check made payable to Accessible Solutions.
  • A copy of the Variance Application Form and any response TDLR provided, if any variances were requested of TDLR prior to your submission of documents to Accessible Solutions.

Plan review fees are determined by the estimated project cost, not including site acquisition, furnishings, or equipment, and are assessed according to the fee schedule (below).

For projects where public accommodations comprise only a portion of the work, only that portion of the project may be used for determining construction value. Revised plan reviews will be based on a percentage of the construction cost.

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