Property Assessments

An assessment is the evaluation of an existing property for accessibility
compliance, including (but not limited to) the evaluation of accessible
parking, accessible routes, toilet rooms, and other spaces used by the
public or employees. Our assessments include an on-site visit where we’ll
take measurements and photos, and afterwards provide a written report
outlining any problem areas. Where problems exist, we’ll offer solutions
for compliance based on current standards.



Accessibility law compliance rests with the property owner.
Assessments can help property owners avoid costly lawsuits. Assessments identify areas where accessibility standards are not being met, so owners can bring them up to code.
Consider the Cost of Bringing a Property up to Accessibility Codes Before Purchasing It.

So you’ve just acquired a fantastic new commercial property for a great price. Now you hear it will require tens of thousands more to remodel it for accessibility compliance. Not such a great deal after all! Before purchasing a new property, consider investing in an accessibility assessment. It will help you negotiate the best price for your property and avoid liability issues down the road.

Use Assessments for Inventory, Planning, and Budgeting of Remodels and Additions.

We can provide assessments for purposes of inventory, planning, and cost-estimating funding of future remodels and additions to existing facilities.

Use Assessments for Continued Funding of Certain Programs and Services.

We can provide assessments to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations for continued funding of some programs and services.


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